How We Make Our Mattresses

Fine Traditions You Can Feel

We believe traditional furniture making delivers the very best design and functionality. That’s why local artisans with decades of experience handcraft each and every Custom Comfort Mattress in one of our Southern California workshops. We employ these time-honored techniques to enrich your sleep each and every night.

Hand Upholstery

Careful hand-upholstery is the secret to a long-lasting bed, so after selecting the highest quality materials we go the extra mile by upholstering our mattresses by hand to provide years of exceptional and comfortable slumber.

Tufted Comfort

Layers of upholstery are button tufted for durability—a time-honored technique dating back to the 17th century. This compacted cotton isolates movement and remains plush and level throughout its long life, and keeps the contours of your body from creating a knobby, uncomfortable surface.

Spring Compression

Button-tufting also compresses the bed’s inner springs to keep the spring from extending fully and wearing faster, granting the spring a longer life. This essential step is the reason why our beds deliver firm support longer.

Double-Sided Comfort

Our artisans perform all high-quality construction on both sides of our mattresses, so with regular rotation comfort is never lost, and wear is dispersed and distributed evenly. As a result, the surface of your Custom Comfort Mattress will remain smoother and your night’s sleep more restful for far longer.