What Makes Quality

Custom Comfort Mattresses are constructed of natural materials from the world’s finest sources. Conscientious fabrication, sustainable materials including organic and natural fibers, and energy-efficient production mean your night of sleep contributes positively to the environment.

Steel Springs

Each inner-spring mattress begins with durable steel coils forged from American-mined metals. Our best beds feature an innovative 6-turn Hinge-Flex™ coil designed to offer greater support. Its hinged, elliptical top ensures that the mattress surface adjusts ergonomically to the unique curves of your body.

Organic Cotton

Our upholstery is filled with layer upon layer of renewable and biodegradable 100% cotton. This reduces impact on the environment, provides long-lasting resistance to bunching and sagging, and offers material breathability to further contribute to many comfortable nights.

Talalay Latex

Tapped from rubber trees, our natural Talalay latex is produced using the industry’s cleanest methods, and provides superior consistency and resilience to deliver the superb pressure point relief, and bounce back quickly from body impressions.

Joma Wool

All the wool found in Custom Comfort Matresses is processed with the Joma technique, which delivers 40-50% more crimp, so each fiber offers greater bounce and resilience. Joma wool layers give our mattresses a softer surface without losing bouncy elasticity over time, and offers natural thermo-regulation to maintain your comfort throughout the night.