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The Refresh Collection is a basic line of American made mattress perfectly suited to value-conscious who treasures quality. These beds consist of resilient springs and soft, natural comfort layers. Ranging from ultra-soft to firm, Refresh mattresses put comfort within reach.
Revive Category Mattresses
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The Revive Collection provides enhanced comfort and support through the expert layering of natural cotton over a supple medium-firm innerspring core.
Renew Category Mattress
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The Renew Collection is inspired by the beauty of simplicity. Handcrafted with a high-quality innerspring core, layers of cozy cotton batting are hand-laid and tufted into place. This traditional upholstery process engages your bed's longevity, while delivering extraordinary relaxation.
Enhance Category Mattresses
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The Enhance Collection consists of soft, soy-based foam beds that conform to the body. In the Enhance Collection, softer foam is laid over both sides of a thick, premium-quality foam core or a medium-firm innerspring.
Inspire Category Mattresses
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The Inspire Collection is our line of highly refined latex beds, ideal for both high-moving and side sleepers. The milky latex that forms our mattresses provides a contouring, naturally superior sleeping surface.
Retreat Category Mattresses
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The Retreat Collection is the perfect marriage of traditional and modern. Discover the lasting support of a traditional box spring with the supreme comfort of modern, natural latex.
Legacy Category Mattresses
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The Legacy Collection celebrates the seamless fusion of style and comfort in our most luxurious mattress line. Using traditional upholstery techniques, sumptuous comfort layers are laced by hand above a supportive core. A remarkable series of optional removable toppers allows this line to honor every sleeping need with a uniquely customized experience.
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