5 Reasons To Buy An Adjustable Bed Frame

Take Your Sleep to the Next Level

You’ve heard it before: Finding the right mattress for your body and lifestyle is the best thing you can do to improve your sleep. But did you know that pairing it with the right bed frame can take your already great mattress to the next level in providing you with the healthiest sleep of your life?

Our recommendation? An adjustable bed frame. The latest in technology, the adjustable bed isn’t just about the “wow” factor—even though it is pretty awesome. It has changed sleep as we know it by providing additional support to your body and encouraging natural sleep cycles, offering you a pill-free solution for common problems such as poor blood circulation, morning stiffness, snoring, or acid-reflux.


01: Boost Blood Circulation

By raising the legs above the heart, adjustable beds help fluid to diffuse. This increases the blood circulation throughout the body and can be effortlessly accomplished by modifying the lower part of the bed upwards.


02: Aid Your Digestion

Aid Your Digestion
Do you suffer from acid reflux? With an adjustable frame, you can assist your body as it processes undigested food. By raising the head of your bed by just six inches, you can ease the discomfort associated with indigestion and sleep in restful comfort.


Wake Up Pain-Free

03: Wake Up Pain-Free

Stiff joints, back pain, and achy muscles are no joke. When your bed is positioned in the exact way that forms to your body the most naturally, it minimizes the weight on pressure points and allows you to sleep comfortably.
Plus, with the Zero Gravity position preset, you can raise your head and knees to the perfect position for easing tension on your legs and lower back with the press of a button—so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day.


Stop Snoring

04: Stop Snoring

By adjusting your bed into a slightly upright position with a simple click of a button, you can say goodbye to long nights of constantly waking up because of snoring.


Pamper yourself

05: Pamper yourself

Make hanging out in bed on a Sunday night even more comfortable:

  • Ergonomic position adjustability—customize your comfort instead of tossing and turning all night
  • USB ports—easily charge your phone or digital reader while getting some work done
  • Massage—lay back, relax, and relieve your stress at the end of a long day
  • Position presets—enjoy programmable memory positions for watching TV to sleeping
  • App controllers—control your comfort with an easy-to-use downloadable app
  • Bluetooth speaker systems—create an amazing audio experience in your bedroom
  • Wired or wireless remote—adjust everything with the click of a button, even in the dark!

 Adjustable frame

Adjustable frame + CCM = The perfect combination

Creating a personalized, comfortable sleep zone that matches your body contouring and lifestyle gives you a valuable upgrade. And when paired with a handcrafted, Custom Comfort mattress—you’ve got the winning ticket.

Because we build each bed ourselves right here in Southern California, we have the flexibility to transform any mattress—from our organic models to our plant-based latex and all-natural cotton—into one that works with an adjustable power base, for the ultimate experience of health and comfort.

Do you have your eye on one type of mattress, but your husband favors a different collection? No problem! By constructing a tailor-made mattress, we can offer you the opportunity and options for total customization. Need your king-sized bed split down the middle so each of you has your own personalized position settings? We can do that too. Bottom line: you pair perfection with perfection on every level. What other company can offer the same?

Visit one of our nine Southern California locations to find your perfect adjustable bed and mattress solution to take your sleep to the next level.