They don’t make mattresses like they used to… But we do.

For nearly thirty years, we have been a family owned and operated company dedicated to making American mattresses the way they should be made: sustainable, more comfortable and supportive, and longer lasting, with handcrafted care in every stitch. It’s our way of bringing comfort to the world.

By building a better mattress, we give you a better sleep—so you can be a better you. Our traditional handcrafted techniques, modern innovations, and high quality, natural materials allow us to provide mattresses that guarantee a sound, healthy sleep—night after night.

At Custom Comfort Mattress, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer free sleep consultations to get to know your personal history and sleeping habits. Whether it’s knowing that you’re a side sleeper, that your spouse has a snoring issue, or that you’ve recently undergone a lifestyle change, we use our in-depth insight into your personal needs to match you with the right mattress. We can even custom make a bed to meet your exact specifications.

Visit our showroom today to explore our luxury pillow tops, double-sided mattresses, Zero Gravity adjustable beds, and natural fibers like breathable cotton and chemical-free wool. With free expedited delivery services, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep on your mattress right away!



about-needles-01 OUR MISSION: YOUR COMFORT

Our mission is simple: We seek to provide you and your family the comfort of a good night’s sleep.

Our handcrafted, double-sided, natural mattresses are longer lasting, more supportive, more comfortable, and healthier for you, which means you can get the sleep you need to live a more fulfilling life. Our consultative sales approach, conscientious same-day delivery services, and post-sales adjustments ensure your comfort from the moment you walk into our showroom to the first time you sleep on your new mattress that’s right for your sleeping style—and your budget.

Because we don’t stress you with today-only deals or operate on commission-based sales, we offer a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere for you to explore our high quality mattresses—on your timeline, not ours.




We believe that quality of sleep equals quality of life, which is why we are committed to building the industry’s best mattresses.

When we say we use the finest natural materials and quality construction in our hand-tufted, eco-friendly mattresses, we mean it. We’ll even show you side-by-side cutaways so you can see for yourself why our mattresses last and last. We know you’re trusting your family’s sleep to us, so we ensure that your new bed will provide a healthier, higher quality of sleep for many, many years.

That’s why Custom Comfort Mattress has received Best of OC’s “Best Mattress Store” award for the past 8 years—since the category’s inception—and is the winner of Yelp’s “People Like Us on Yelp” award. We are so grateful that our community has graciously acknowledged our efforts to consistently uphold our very rigorous standard of quality and unfailing loyalty to providing our customers with unsurpassed comfort at every step of the mattress buying process.

We respect your right to a better night’s sleep. From our production team to our sales and delivery people to our executive leadership, we value integrity in all of our dealings. We are 100% transparent about our products, our services, and our Comfort Guarantee.

Rest Easy with Our Comfort Guarantee