Healthy Sleep Habits: Cool Down For Better Sleep

Sleep Cool, Sleep Better

Cool Down For Better Sleep

How Temperature Affects Your Sleep


Do you prefer to doze off wrapped up in cozy blankets? Or do you like the feeling of cool air streaming in from an open window?

We each have a personal preference for a sleep-inducing environment. So whether all snuggled up with layers of bedding, or a lightweight sheet and cold air on your face, it’s essential to set up your bedroom for ideal, tranquil sleep.  

Whatever the situation may be, a too-hot temperature often makes it difficult to go to sleep and stay asleep. And it’s not just the climate of the room that’s important when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. Our bodies also need to be at the right temperature to reach a replenishing level of deep sleep. 

Your body temperature naturally decreases as you progress through various sleep stages, but it can easily be affected by external factors. A hot room can wake you up before you reach that much-needed deep sleep stage, where cellular repair and immune system recovery occur. Even one cycle disruption can negatively impact the overall quality of your sleep.  

So, make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible by cooling down your body and home well before you call it a night.  


How To Cool Your Body Down For Sleep

Here are a few body-cooling tips to try when the outside temps are on the rise:


Cool Your Body For Better SleepTake an evening shower or bath

Even if you’re a morning shower-taker, enjoying an evening bath or shower can help relax your body and regulate its temperature. A warm (not too hot) shower or bath may initially heat your body, but it will quickly cool down afterward. 


DIY a cold pack Cool Your Body for Better Sleep

An easy way to decrease your body heat and help you drift off to sleep is with a little cold therapy. You can make a simple cold pack by using a lone dress sock and filling it with dry rice. Put your rice-filled sock in the freezer a few hours before bedtime, then place it under your neck when you’re ready to fall asleep.


Avoid Spicy Foods Before Bed

Avoid spicy evening meals

Fiery Thai, Mexican, or Indian meals are a delicious option for lunch, but it’s best to stick to milder meals before bedtime. Spicy foods bring the heat and can be challenging for the body to digest at night. Rich carbs and fats are also more intense on the digestive system, so avoid anything too heavy in the evening. 


Limit late-night alcoholAvoid late-night alcohol for better sleep

Drinking too much alcohol can cause hot flashes and sweating when you sleep. This is due to the blood vessels dilating, which brings them closer to the skin’s surface, resulting in an overall feeling of warmth. So save the drinks for an afternoon happy hour. Instead, keep yourself cool and hydrated in the evening with a refreshing glass of lemon-infused ice water.



How To Cool Your Room Down For Sleep

Once you’ve cooled down your body, you can also create a cooler environment in your bedroom. Sleep experts recommend a room temperature between 60 to 67°F, but if your room is naturally warmer, you can cool it down with the following tools:


Cool Your Room for Better Sleep

Create a breeze with open windows, air conditioning, or a fan

A cool breeze can be your key to a restful night. Let mother nature take over by simply opening the windows. If it’s too hot or cold outside, or you don’t want to hear outside noises, set your air conditioning thermostat lower at night to control the inside temp. Or use a room fan that can double as a soothing white noise machine and provide a refreshing breeze.  


Choose natural beddingNatural Bedding for Cool Sleep

Not all bedding fabrics are created equal. Synthetic materials aren’t as comfortable or breathable as plant-derived fabrics like cotton, linen, or bamboo. Natural materials have inherent moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep. In addition, they’re uniquely absorbent, naturally breathable, and highly durable— the ideal fabrics to use for sheets and bedding. 


These healthy sleep tips can help make overheating at night a thing of the past. We’ll  help you curate your ideal sleep experience with our cool-sleep bedding and mattress solutions.  

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