Cotton Equals Comfort

Cotton keeps you cool while you sleep

A Spotlight on Nature’s Perfect Cooling Material

With many high-tech, “cooling” fabrics in the mattress and bedding industry today, let’s take a pause and focus on the original, and still the best, material for keeping you cool while you sleep.


100% Natural Cotton: The Ideal Bedding Material 

We’ve been handcrafting mattresses with natural cotton for over 35 years. We continue to choose this natural, traditional material to keep your body cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Plus, we use cotton in a unique way, taking extra steps in the tufting process to increase mattress durability and support for you.

While many mattresses are made from synthetic materials like polyester and polyurethane, cotton is a natural fiber that can be grown without harmful chemicals. It’s also naturally cooling, breathable, and durable—which means it doesn’t break down over time as synthetic materials do.

The Benefits of Cotton

Naturally CoolingCotton is naturally cooling

Cotton has a high-fiber density and absorbs moisture easier than most other fabrics. That means it helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night, which can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up less frequently throughout the night.



BreathableCotton is breathable

Cotton’s porous structure allows air to easily flow through its fibers, making it one of the most breathable materials available today—and one of the best materials for mattresses, sheets, toppers, and mattress pads. When your bedding is breathable, you can rest comfortably without waking up from overheating, which can happen with synthetic fabrics.

Cotton is long-lasting


For centuries, cotton has been a top choice for bedding material because it’s long-lasting. Its fibers are strong and flexible, which helps them resist breaking or tearing even after years of use. 

We use 100% cotton batting as a mattress layer over the top of the innerspring, expertly tucked into the coils and pre-packed with skillful button-tufting to prevent shifting or clumping.

Our hand-tufted cotton is from sustainable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly sources.


HypoallergenicCotton is hypoallergenic

Because cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a good night’s sleep without any harmful chemicals or allergens. Cotton doesn’t give off dust or particulate matter—ideal for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

We use cotton in our sheets and mattresses for its lasting comfort and skin-friendly qualities.  




Cotton is uniquely absorbent, naturally breathable, and highly durable

We take pride in using the best of what mother nature offers. Our handcrafted mattresses and thoughtfully-designed bedding provide cool comfort and lasting support, so you sleep healthy and wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. 


Experience the many benefits that natural cotton provides for your healthiest sleep solutions.