Mattress Myth #2: Replace in 8 

mattress myth #2: replace in 8 

Why Your Mattress Should Last 10 Years or More

When selecting a mattress, we’re sure that comfort is at the top of your list of priorities. But did you know that if you want your bed to retain a high level of comfort for several years, buying a mattress that you can flip is your best bet?

Why? A mattress crafted with comfort layers on both sides balances out the wear pattern. When flipped and spun regularly, the just-slept-on side is given a chance to flatten out. No more “sleep trench!” With a “no-flip” bed, you sleep on only one side of the mattress, never giving the comfort layers a chance to even out.

Some may tell you that double-sided mattresses are no longer produced because of “new technology” that doesn’t need flipping. Yet the truth is, many companies only offer “no flip” versions because they cost less to manufacture and wear faster, ensuring you’ll be buying a mattress again in no time.

However, not all two-sided mattresses are alike. The materials used to construct the bed will also affect its comfort and longevity. The biggest expense in making a mattress is in the outermost layers, and they are also the part of the mattress that wear out the fastest. That’s why the best companies use natural materials, such as latex, cotton and wool, which don’t break down like toxic polyurethane foam.

Natural fibers also provide excellent regulation to keep you cooler, better air circulation, and are naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant—providing a healthier sleep for you and your family. Pair that with a double-sided mattress and you’ve got a bed that is sure to provide greater comfort, support and resilience for years to come.

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