Why Natural Latex Is The Cool Choice (literally)

Natural Latex Rubber Tree

A Spotlight on 100% Natural Latex Mattress Material


Naturally designed to cradle your body’s contours for healthy, luxurious-feeling support. Latex rubber is a sustainable, high-performance alternative to synthetic, petroleum-based foams (memory foam) that quickly lose support and don’t allow airflow. 

Did you know that latex rubber comes from the pulp of a rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) and is a natural, renewable resource

The trees don’t need to be cut down to extract the latex. The safe process is called rubber tapping, similar to how maple trees are tapped for their natural sap. A single tree can be tapped for 30-40 years.

With millions of acres of rubber trees growing on our planet today, each tree helps in making our air cleaner. The trees take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere for an environmentally-responsible, sustainable resource. 

Why is 100% natural latex rubber an excellent material for mattresses, toppers, and pillows? 


Cool & Breathable

Airflow is optimized because of its natural open-cell structure, providing a breathable, comfortable sleeping temperature. There’s no need for a synthetic “cooling technology” when nature proves it for you!



Non-Toxic & Sustainable

Our latex is OEKO-Tex, and eco-INSTITUT certified for a non-toxic sleeping experience. You won’t find any toxic chemicals or off-gassing smells as you do with petroleum-based materials. We source our latex from a well-maintained, sustainable plantation that harvests and quickly manufactures the material, so the natural latex doesn’t spoil or require additional preservatives.


Exceptional Comfort 

With its inherent natural springiness, latex gently conforms to your body and supports the natural curvature of your spine, leading to better blood circulation and a healthier night’s sleep.


Alleviates Pain & Pressure Points

Natural latex provides relief for pressure points like hips and shoulders, keeping pain at bay and providing continuous comfort throughout the night. 


Mold and Dust-mite Resistant

Dust mites are unable to live in a latex rubber material. And neither can mold, mildew, or bacteria! Allergy sufferers experience less congestion and a sounder night’s sleep on this hypoallergenic surface.



Reduced Motion Transfer

With the natural resiliency of a latex mattress, if your partner moves or rolls over, the motion is not transmitted easily to the other side. With fewer disturbances throughout the night, you can get the deep sleep that allows for energized mornings. 


Durable & Long-lasting

Natural latex is a highly resilient, buoyant substance. It retains and recovers its shape day-after-day, night-after-night, for years of dreamy, blissful sleep.




We take pride in using the best of what mother nature offers. Our specialty is handcrafting beds that provide you with the most comfortable, healthiest sleep possible — so you wake up refreshed and renewed each morning. 

Experience the benefits of natural latex rubber featured in our mattresses, toppers, and pillows.

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