Because we build our beds ourselves, we know you and your loved ones will get a higher quality, healthier sleep on our handcrafted mattress. That’s why we offer a 365-night Comfort Guarantee, superior to any other assurance in the mattress industry.

We want you to rest easy knowing that you’ve made the right choice for a better night’s sleep. We are confident that the mattress or mattress set you get through our free delivery service will provide you with years of superior support and comfort.

In addition to our in-depth sleep consultation, our Comfort Guarantee ensures that you get your perfect fit. We let you sleep on your mattress for a full year to make sure you are completely satisfied. If within that time you’d like your bed to be a little firmer or a little softer, we will happily provide post-sales adjustments at no additional cost. We’ll even have your mattress back to you the same day, because we don’t want you to go even one night without your bed.

When you change your mattress, you change your life. For that reason, we ask you to observe the “break-in” period by sleeping on your mattress for several weeks, which gives your body time to adjust and your mattress time to settle. If after the break-in period you’re not convinced you’re getting the best sleep of your life, please give us a call.

Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse with Custom Comfort Mattress.

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The Custom Comfort “Comfort Assurance”
(a) We offer comfort adjustments (firmer or softer) on most of our mattresses (sets). Individual mattress classifications/types have unique characteristics so they cannot be adjusted to duplicate the feel of another mattress type. We are here to help if your new mattress needs to be made a little firmer or softer. This is intended to “fine‐tune” your mattress and is a minor adjustment (one adjustment with no charge for labor).

(b) You must give your body ample time to get used to your new mattress (set). We recommend a period of at least two (2) weeks before you contact us for an adjustment. Custom Comfort Mattress reserves the right to postpone service until two weeks from the date of delivery. Custom Comfort Mattress will make one adjustment (firmer or softer) with no labor charge within 365 days of delivery. Custom Comfort is not bound or obligated to resolve comfort issues after 365 days from the date of delivery. Services provided for comfort issues will be done at the sole discretion of Custom Comfort Mattress.

(c) Adding extra padding or a pillow‐top or upgrading to higher quality cushioning materials or coils will incur a charge due before the service is performed. There are no refunds for any services, additions, or upgrades provided. Additionally, there are no refunds when something is removed due to the fact that it has been used. Transportation costs are the sole responsibility of the consumer. This service is available exclusively to the original purchaser.