Dream It Up


California Dreaming

Incredible weather, beaches, and innovative business. It’s not hard to imagine why so many call California home. We’re here because of opportunities and the promise of a life filled with sun, fun, health and prosperity. We have a dream and we’re willing to chase it, even when the ocean isn’t calm. We know that life is not always a walk on the beach. But when it is, the living is beyond compare.

Heather Altman
Dreams It Up


Like many movers, shakers and makers living in LA and OC, life for Realtor and Entrepreneur Heather Altman is never dull. Whether it’s caring her family or growing her luxury real estate business, she’s working hard every day to make her own California dream a reality. Getting a great night’s sleep is fundamental for her to live life to her full potential and truly dream it up. Watch her story here.