I heard that latex is the best for temperature regulation. Is that true?

Yes. Latex is definitely the best cushioning material to regulate body temperature while providing pressure relief. We have mattresses that come standard with latex. You can also add latex to a mattress as an upgrade.

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I’ve been storing my Refresh 4.0 on its end and plan to for a while. Will it collapse in this position?

Storing this bed upright against the wall is not a problem. Mattresses that typically collapse in this position feature pocketed coils, which can shift or separate from the glue that binds them together. Refresh 4.0 is not a pocketed coil mattress, so you will be just fine storing it upright.

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Where can I find my warranty?

You can find the warranty on the backside of your receipt, on our website, or by contacting one of our locations.  The warranty code is on the law label of your mattress.

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Do you offer factory tours?

Absolutely! Our factory is open to the public. We are happy to welcome individuals, scout groups, school classes, etc. to see our handcrafted process. Call (714) 693-6195 to schedule a tour.

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Do you use chemicals in your fire retardants?

No! We pride ourselves on not using chemically-based fire barriers. One of our fire barrier options is a fiber-based material that is made up of rayon and polyester. The fiber blend becomes hard and chars to create a barrier when exposed to flames. This prevents the flames from spreading into the mattress. The other fire barrier we use is chemical-free wool, which naturally repels fire (and regulates body heat for the perfect sleep temperature).

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What is a true box spring?

A true box spring is a box with real coils built in. True box springs are hard to find in the industry today, as most companies elect to cut costs by skipping this step. But at Custom Comfort Mattress, we use traditional craftsmanship to make mattresses that stand the test of time. Our true box springs absorb some of the wear and tear of your mattress, which helps it to last longer. The box spring also helps your mattress to better conform to your body, for additional support and comfort. That’s why we’re committed to making mattresses the way we have since our founding, while incorporating modern innovation to build on our proven craftsmanship.

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How do I clean my mattress?

The best way to keep a bed clean is with a protector. If you don’t have one and the need arises to have your bed cleaned, a local carpet/upholstery cleaning company can usually help you.

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Why should I use a mattress protector?

A high quality mattress protector will prolong the life of your new mattress by keeping the surface completely clean. In addition to keeping your mattress free of stains and preventing the fabric from pilling and/or fraying, a protector prevents dust mites from penetrating the fabrics.

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A dip has formed in my double-sided bed, but it’s after my 365-night Comfort Guarantee. What can I do?

It may simply be time to flip your mattress. A mattress is an upholstered product, which means it is reasonable for it to show ½” to 1” of settling in the quilted surface. We construct most of our beds to be double-sided to add to the life of your mattress: A double-sided mattress can be spun or flipped (recommended monthly the first year), which will help to minimize the visible “dipping” of the bed surface.

Your comfort is important to us, so if the settling has impacted your sleep or appears to be greater than 1” in the first year, please contact your closest Custom Comfort Mattress showroom for personal assistance to get you sleeping comfortably again. Remember: We sleep well when you sleep well.

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Do you carry low profile box springs?

How low can we go? You tell us the height you want, and we’ll build it—that’s why “Custom” is our first name! All of our box springs have low profile options, and we’re happy to work with you to get you the box spring you need.

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Do you make toddler beds?

Yes, we do. We can custom-make beds of various shapes and sizes, all by hand in our local factories.

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What is the coil count in your pillow top mattresses?

The coil count varies depending on the size and model. Coil count is a factor in overall coil strength, but it’s not the only variable. The number of turns to the coils and the gauge of wire are equal contributors to coil strength.

To determine a mattress’s true quality, look at the materials used above the coils. Most mattresses today have coils that will last, but the stacks of foam padding on top of them will not hold up.

At Custom Comfort Mattress, we use layers of natural cotton that will last as long as the steel coils. We also build double-sided beds for even wear and greater longevity.

Why do we go the extra mile to handcraft beds that will stand the test of time? Because you deserve a better quality of sleep—night after night, year after year.

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Do you make a non-toxic bed? What about an eco-friendly bed?

Yes to both!  We use the natural comfort of cotton, latex, and wool in most of our mattresses. Plus, we offer certified organic materials as well.

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What’s so great about the latex you use in your beds?

We use the highest quality of latex available to give you the highest quality of sleep—toxin-free, healthier for you to sleep on, longer lasting, and body-contouring.

Latex is sap from a rubber tree that is naturally hypoallergenic, in addition to being dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant. Latex offers a healthier sleep compared to most foam used today, as synthetic foams crumble or emit fumes.

Latex has the unique ability to be both supportive and curve-conforming, which means superb pressure-point relief.

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Do you make custom-sized mattresses?

Absolutely—it’s our first name! We have the experience in building customized sizes and shapes, whether that’s to fit your RV or boat or just because. We also make oversized beds, per customer requests. Want a 10’x10’ mattress? You got it!

If it will fit in your room, we will build it!

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Do you have any organic mattresses?

Yes, absolutely. We offer an organic upgrade to most of our superior sleep products, to let you rest even easier at night.

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Do you make any hypoallergenic mattresses?

Yes! We use a wide variety of hypoallergenic materials in many of our mattresses. We also make natural rubber latex mattresses that are perfect for allergy sufferers. Additionally, we have a great selection of hypoallergenic protectors as well to add on to any mattress.

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Can I purchase the mattress without the box springs?

Yes, you can most certainly buy the mattress only, with the assurance that the support will be just fine without the box spring.

“Box spring” is an industry term that most people are familiar with because all major manufactures used to make true box springs about twenty years ago.  In our nationwide market, 95% of all beds sold are NOT sold with a box spring but instead with a “foundation.” These foundations offer very little give or flexibility under the mattress. The support in a foundation is comparable to the support you find in a slatted support system, commonly used in platform beds and/or Murphy beds.

The benefit of buying a true box spring for your Custom Comfort Mattress is added support and comfort, as the box spring helps your mattress contour to your unique curves.

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Can I buy a box spring and frame separately?

Yes, boxes and frames can be sold separately.

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My credit is bad—can I still finance a bed?

We have a no-credit-check financing option through Progressive finance, and we can also offer a layaway option. Progressive approval allows for immediate bed delivery, while the layaway option requires the balance to be paid in full before delivery.

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What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also offer 0% financing, no-credit-check financing, and layaway.

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Do you sell adjustable beds?

We have a variety of adjustable beds available with different features and benefits, like our Zero Gravity bed. Some are simple, easy to use, and low cost, while others are high tech, loaded with accessories, and more expensive. All of our adjustable beds have health benefits and can improve your quality of life. Visit your closest Custom Comfort Mattress showroom to test and determine which best suits your needs.

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What if I don’t like my mattress? Can I return it?

Like a toothbrush, a mattress is a personal-use product and cannot be returned. But because we sleep well when you sleep well, we offer a 365-day Comfort Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction: Any mattress can be adjusted to meet your comfort level at no extra charge. Comfort adjustments are completed the same day, so you’re never without your bed.

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Do you sell pillows?

Yes, because the right pillow is so important to a better night’s sleep. Visit any location for details.

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My husband and I can’t agree on a mattress. He prefers firm, but I love soft. Can you help?

Can we customize comfort? It’s in our name. We have many options for couples with different levels of comfort, and we can even customize a mattress with a firm side and a soft side!

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I want to replace the pillow top on my mattress. Can I buy just the top?

Yes, the pillow top can be replaced on your mattress. We have a variety of removable pillow tops that can be replaced when worn out or when your comfort preference changes.

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Do you ship out of state?

Yes—and not only out of state, but worldwide! We often ship our beds out of the state and the country for customers who cannot find our quality and/or comfort in their area.

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