Flipping Service

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With proper maintenance, your natural double-sided mattress from Custom Comfort should perform beautifully for more than a decade.

Proper Maintenance Routines

Purchase a Maintenance Package or Single Flip

Single Flip $40 — Each flip includes flipping or rotating one topper and 1 double-sided mattress

3 Year Service Package – 12 Flips $300 – (save $180) – Good for full redemption within 3 years of purchase. Your double sided mattress should be flipped 4x a year. Each flip includes flipping or rotating one topper and 1 double-sided mattress.

First 90 Days – Flip or Turn 1x Monthly
During the first 90 days of ownership, you should flip or turn your mattress and topper once month. This is because the natural materials in your mattress are freshly assembled require periodic rotation to avoid excess compression which might lead to  body impressions that do not support optimal sleep.

Flip or Turn with the Seasons
When the seasons change, it’s time to flip or turn your mattress. Your double-sided mattress actually features 4 different sleep areas and you need to spread your weight around through regular rotation. You should also flip or rotate your topper for even wear.

Custom Comfort Mattress Flipping Service
We are happy to come into your home and flip or rotate your mattress if you want to skip this household chore. This can be particularly beneficial if you own a Custom Comfort Mattress that is features over 100 pounds of natural materials. Our in-home service is $40 for an individual flip or $100 per year (4 seasonal flips) Please email customercare@customcomfortmattress.comto schedule your next flip.