New Year, New You!


Did you survive the holidays? Life is exhausting. There are so many things we have to manage—from the day-to-day to the everyday—you know the drill.

Take a minute to imagine the kind of future you want—the experiences and goals you want to accomplish. You can seize this moment and begin anew. Reinventing yourself gives you a whole new perspective and takes you in directions you just now dreamed possible. It’s a New Year, and it’s your chance to discover a new you!

Face the facts: you’re reinventing yourself every day right now. You make countless decisions every moment. The more choices you can make that result in positive outcomes, the better. How do you know which is which? Simple. Constructive decisions make you feel good. Positive choices help you maintain focus and keep your attention on building a happy life even when you encounter resistance along your path.

It’s time to exercise your choice!  intentionally and with foresight. No matter what you fear at this minute, resolve to keep your energy up and your momentum moving forward. One step at a time if necessary.  Before you know it, you’ll be living your best life ever!



1. Create a daily routine

It’s seems like such an unassuming thing, and so we dismiss it, but developing a daily routine for yourself can make a big transformation in your life. The most optimal practices are created at the start of the day and again at the end of the day. This means that you create a template for when you wake up, when you begin working, when you finish working and when you go to bed.

It’s as easy as that. This cultivates stability in your life and enables your mind and body to prepare for the day ahead. You’ll also be able to focus better and prioritize what’s important.



2. Clear out your personal space

Throw everything away! Well, maybe not everything, but you understand the deal. All the objects in your home, from the tiniest trinket to your leather sectional sofa, take up room. But did you know that they also consume a bit of your energy as well?

By saving only the stuff which truly is useful or which you most treasure, you’ll find that you feel lighter, more peaceful. So go through each corner of your living space! It’s time to bring order to every counter, tabletop and closet in your home. Once you’ve done it, wipe up the dust and mop the floors. Ahhhhh, yes.



3. Strengthen your body and mind

I know that you’ve heard it a trillion times before, but we are going to say it again: physical exercise makes you feel better. And it doesn’t take all day. Just 20 minutes walking through the neighborhood, or taking a yoga class or signing up for that crazy boot camp will do the trick. No matter what, get up and move.

But what about working out your brain? Studies have shown that building up your mind is just as important as physical fitness. This means reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle or even meditating. Spending as little as 20 minutes a day has revealed increases in focus and reduced stress and anxiety.



4. Modify what you eat

This is another one you’ve heard over and over, yet it still rings true: the food you consume plays an integral part in how you feel. And you know what we’re talking about: fast food, excess sugar, heavy, fatty meals. These make you sluggish and depressed, not to mention, they wreak havoc on your health.

We want to go a bit further, though, and add processed foods to the list. This includes anything pre-packaged that you just heat and serve. Avoid burdening yourself with these toxins. Instead, make the healthier choice by eating light, fresh, tasty food. You’ll be happier and you’ll feel the extra boost of energy you need to live an active lifestyle.



5. Get out of your comfort zone

Okay, so number one is all about creating a solid routine, and now we’re telling you to jump out of that routine. Life can’t be completely organized all the time! So, discover what makes you afraid, what makes your heart race, what gives you a bit of concern. Now take action. Eat something unusual. Look people in the eye and smile at them. Drive a different route to work. Do something that embarrasses you.

Frequently, what gives us the most fear also bring us the greatest rewards. Now, go out and tackle something new or embark on an adventure that worries you a little—it will help you grow and ultimately make you happier.



6. Give yourself a break

When was the last time you gave yourself a time out? A real, honest-to-goodness recess from your daily life, your family, your responsibilities? Right. That’s what we thought. It’s important to make room for moments of solitude. Get out of the house, turn off your phone and spend some time alone.

It also means providing yourself some time for candid self-reflection. How did this past holiday season go for you? What would you change for the next one?



7. Love your sleep

We can’t lie: this is our favorite. You know how critical a great night of rest is for you. It improves you in all aspects of your wellbeing, from your concentration to your energy levels as well as your stress management and pain relief.

In order to get this amazing sleep, you have to do a couple of things. Go to bed at a set time every night and awaken on a regular schedule every day. Don’t eat right before you lie down to go to sleep. And most of all, make sure your mattress is the right one for your body and lifestyle.


It takes determination and courage to try new things, yet with these simple steps, you have the power to take your life to lofty heights. And right now is the best time to get at it! The New Year awaits a new you, a better you—the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Once you get going and go after it, you’ll realize how easy it was all along.