No Commission, No Pressure

I only become aware of how rusty my non-verbal communication skills are when I’m at the mall.

Everything is fine until I see the dreaded mall kiosk.  The only thing worse than seeing the mall kiosk is making eye contact with the person working the mall kiosk. I scramble to arm myself with non-verbal cues like taking a sudden interest in the flooring, or making a fake phone call as I pass — anything to avoid engagement with this salesperson!


Why do we do this?  Because we don’t like feeling pressured.


 It makes us feel anxious because we care about what people think of us. They might think we’re rude if we stop them, maybe it’ll hurt their feelings. So, we stand at the kiosk we don’t want to be standing at, we listen to a sales pitch for something we don’t want and we wind up buying a mini helicopter for Grandma’s birthday. Who knew we were such people pleasers?


Custom Comfort Mattress wants your experience to be easy, fun, educational and most of all, pressure-free. How can we make a pressure-free experience? We think pressure often stems from commission-based sales. We wonder, are they motivated by a commission or by the customer’s best interest?


We want you to know that won’t happen with us because our sales staff does not work on commission. Here, there is no pressure to “hurry up and buy now.” There is no benefit to sales reps if you buy a more expensive bed. We care about your sleep because we know how important it is to your overall health.


We also realize that the mattress industry might have changed since you shopped for a bed last. Terms can be confusing, and we are here to help. It’s our job to find the best bed for you — both physically and financially. No agenda, no games — just a great night’s sleep.