5 Reasons To Buy An Adjustable Bed Frame

Take Your Sleep to the Next Level You’ve heard it before: Finding the right mattress for your body and lifestyle is the best thing you can do to improve your sleep. But did you know that pairing it with the right bed frame can take your already great mattress to the next level in providing you with the healthiest sleep

Mattress Myth #2: Replace in 8 

Why Your Mattress Should Last 10 Years or More When selecting a mattress, we’re sure that comfort is at the top of your list of priorities. But did you know that if you want your bed to retain a high level of comfort for several years, buying a mattress that you can flip is your

Essential Life Hacks For a Better Night’s Sleep

For many of us, grogginess or lulls in energy throughout the day is commonplace. More often than not, these low-energy days are a result of restless nights without a quality snooze and general sleep-deprivation. Sleep is important—it not only contributes to a myriad of health benefits but also it sets the pace for your day.

No Commission, No Pressure

I only become aware of how rusty my non-verbal communication skills are when I’m at the mall. Everything is fine until I see the dreaded mall kiosk.  The only thing worse than seeing the mall kiosk is making eye contact with the person working the mall kiosk. I scramble to arm myself with non-verbal cues

5 Foods for Better Sleep

We know that stimulants like coffee and tea before bed are not conducive to a great night’s sleep, but are some foods better than others? Dr. Oz’s website suggests five foods that are great for people who want to kick the sleeping pill habit or who would rather opt for a more natural remedy to

Sleeping In Makeup Causes Breakouts, Aging

It happens to the best of us.  You get home late after a night out, ditch the heels somewhere between the front door and the kitchen, and curse the nagging reminder to wash your face before falling into bed.  On the way to the bathroom, you notice your bed looks ridiculously  comfortable tonight.  You gaze

How Sleep Cleans the Brain

We’ve all heard that the occasional juice cleanse can do wonders for the digestive system, but what about a cleanse for the brain?  Just like the rest of our organs, our brain needs to flush out toxins to be healthy. We’ve known all along that humans need sleep to recharge our mind and body, and