Aren’t most mattresses double-sided?

Unfortunately, many companies have moved away from the long-standing tradition of building a double-sided bed to save on costs, labor, and materials. We believe in using natural materials and time-honored craftsmanship to create the best experience and mattress performance for our customers. Along with natural filling fabrics such as cotton, wool, and latex, the double-sided construction helps ensure a comfortable, breathable surface for consistent spinal alignment and a healthier night’s sleep.

Double-sided mattresses have equal filling materials on both sides of the core, so while the top portion supports the body and gets slightly compressed, the bottom elements are getting a bit of a break until it’s ready to be flipped.


The realistic lifespan of a single-sided
mattress is about three years.

You can rotate a single-sided mattress, but can’t flip it to a fresh, supportive side, so it breaks down faster and needs to be replaced sooner. Just like your car, you don’t necessarily need to rotate the tires, but they will wear more evenly if you do.

We believe that a bed should not only have longevity and last 10-15 years but should perform optimally for the healthiest sleep possible. When you sleep on a mattress that is breaking down, it may not look like there is visible sag or compression, but it may no longer be supporting you properly for ideal spinal alignment, leading to poor sleep quality.

Our natural cotton batting is a breathable material, and does not break down over time like the foam in many mattresses today.

Our bodies need to completely relax with a straight, supported spine to get into a deep sleep for proper cellular recovery and optimal renewal each night.

If you wake up stiff and achy or still feel tired after a full night’s sleep, your mattress is no longer giving you the support you need. We recommend flipping and rotating your double-sided mattress at the beginning of each season so you can experience a renewed, better quality of sleep night after night, year after year.

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