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Celebrating 30 Years of Bringing Comfort to SoCal

It is amazing how much things have changed over the years. Just thirty years ago seems like a completely foreign era—the phone was attached to the wall by a cord, we found our way using paper maps and everyday tasks were done manually, handled in person or by mail. Quite a difference from the internet-centric lives we lead today!

It’s hard to believe that our company has been around for that long! Soon after Custom Comfort Mattress was formed in 1986, we opened our first showroom in Fullerton, CA and were known as the “David vs. Goliath” mattress store that advertised in the Pennysaver—the underdog, family-owned business that exposed the common misconceptions perpetuated by the big-name giants.


David vs Goliath Mattress Company


Has Your Bed Betrayed YouRight from our humble beginnings, we believed that buying a mattress should be a simple, enjoyable experience, not something that you dread. We made it our mission to debunk the common myths of the mattress industry, to give you a straightforward explanation about how a mattress is built and to educate you on what materials pass the test of time.

Our goal of providing our customers with extremely comfortable, high-quality products, made locally was the foundation of our business, and 30 years later we are proud to say—nothing has changed.

Each mattress is still Old Custom Comfort Mattress Company Logohandcrafted by our skilled experts right here in Southern California and we continue to employ the same time-tested techniques in the design and construction of our products. We are the same people, with the same high standards, and the same desire to give you your best sleep ever.

After our 30 years in business, we may have less hair on our heads and our logo has changed, but you can rest assured knowing that we are still the same great company—now with thirty years of experience and thousands of comfortably sleeping customers. We have and will continue to stick to our uncompromising beliefs in educating customers and selling high-quality products without the use of pricing games and marketing gimmicks. In fact, we are delighted to share details of the construction of our mattresses! These values got us started, they’ve kept us going—and they will continue to be the drivers that inspire us to bring comfort to everyone for many years to come.

Because at Custom Comfort Mattress we believe important values should never change.