Discover the best of both worlds. Breaking the barriers of innovation, the Retreat Collection merges traditional coil and box spring construction with modern natural latex. Seamlessly integrated comfort layers and long-lasting support ventures through the frontiers of unrivalled comfort. Enjoy sleep that’s deep and peaceful.

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Retreat 101

Retreat 101 is our firmest premium-coiled mattress.  A touch of comfort delivers fantastic support that’s supremely enjoyable.

From: $2,050

Retreat 101 with LX2.1 Topper

The Retreat 101 with the LX 2.1 topper provides firm, long-lasting support using natural cotton and latex over our finest coil springs.

From: $2,520

Retreat 101 with LX3.1 Topper

The LX 3.1 topper provides greater pressure-relieving comfort with 3 inches of latex.

From: $2,650

Retreat 101 with LX4.1 Topper

The LX 4.1 topper provides luxurious pressure-relieving comfort with 4 inches of latex.

From: $2,780

Retreat 200

Retreat 200 is a premium coil mattress with added plush, body-conforming latex to make your sleeping experience more comfortable than ever.

From: $2,490

Retreat 300

Retreat 300 is our finest pillowtop coil mattress. Mixing traditional and modern techniques, Retreat 300 applies a long-lasting latex pillowtop to a firm, durable cotton-upholstered core.

From: $2,920