Five Gifts for the Sleep Fanatic in Your Life

Five Gifts for the Sleep Fanatic in Your Life

We all know someone who loves to sleep. Whether or not they’re able to get as much shut-eye as they’d prefer is another topic. Since it’s the season for giving, we’ve listed out a few gift ideas for the sleep fanatic on your shopping list. You may even want to snag one of these gifts to treat yourself to some much-needed rest and relaxation this holiday season (and beyond).

Here are gift ideas for the sleepers and dreamers in your life:

Gifts for the Sleep Fanatic or Loved One Who Needs More Rest

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy is a great way to relax before bed. With scents ranging from lavender to peppermint to eucalyptus, there’s something for everyone. Diffusers turn the aromatherapy oils into mist, turning the whole room into your own personal therapeutic sanctuary.

Not only will the aromatherapy help you relax, but diffusers also gently humidify the room–allowing you to breathe easier all night.

Cotton Bedding

We’ve previously touched on the wonders of cotton, but we haven’t mentioned what a great gift it can make. With so many great things about cotton, it just makes sense that you’d want to share it with your loved ones.

Cotton bedding makes for an amazing present for anyone who loves to sleep comfortably. When we say it that way, it just seems obvious! Breathable, easy to care for, and seriously soft, giving cotton sheets and pillowcases shows you care. They’re easy to find, easy to wrap, and you can even step it up a notch and get them personalized with monograms!

Cotton Pajamas

Looking for something a bit more “fun” than bedding? Cotton pajamas make for a great gift that everyone loves. Mom, dad, friends, kids, everyone appreciates receiving a great set of pajamas during the holidays. The sleep lovers on your list will probably put them on as soon as they unwrap them!

Since you’re so well versed in the benefits of cotton, you know the gift you’re giving will help them sleep comfortably, will last through many washes, and it won’t be harsh on their skin like some other synthetic materials. Now that’s a gift that shows you care!

Herbal Tea (Especially Chamomile)

A good decaf herbal tea can put you to sleep like a baby. The sleep fanatics on your list are sure to know this and will definitely appreciate a spot of chamomile this holiday season. Herbal tea as a present shows you take relaxation seriously. This gift makes it clear you want your loved ones to reach ultimate relaxation levels and get a good night’s rest.

Want to give more than just the tea itself? A tea strainer, teapot, teacups, and other teatime accessories make it a relaxation care package that they’ll keep for years!

New Bed and Mattress Set


custom comfort mattress boy on bed

What better gift is there than a new bed or custom mattress set to give that special someone a perfect night’s sleep. If you want to give the gift of ultimate luxury this holiday season or think Santa may drop in a big treat for the whole family, a new mattress or bed set is a Christmas gift they will love.


Whether you choose a large gift to last a lifetime or a small token to help someone relax, these gifts are sure to bring holiday cheer and a nice silent night’s sleep to anyone on your gift list.


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