New Year, New You!

Did you survive the holidays? Life is exhausting. There are so many things we have to manage—from the day-to-day to the everyday—you know the drill. Take a minute to imagine the kind of future you want—the experiences and goals you want to accomplish. You can seize this moment and begin anew. Reinventing yourself gives you

Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

It’s that time of year again. Or really, if you’ve been to a store in the last month it has been that time of year ever since New Year’s–you got it, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to bring the romance, you’re probably thinking about your bedroom. There are some simple things you

Top 10 Benefits of Getting More Sleep

How are you doing on those New Year’s Resolutions? If you are like most of us, sticking to resolutions (especially if your list is long) can be a problem. This year, instead of trying to tackle a list you may never finish, why not make one resolution that will naturally benefit many others? Just one

Five Gifts for the Sleep Fanatic in Your Life

We all know someone who loves to sleep. Whether or not they’re able to get as much shut-eye as they’d prefer is another topic. Since it’s the season for giving, we’ve listed out a few gift ideas for the sleep fanatic on your shopping list. You may even want to snag one of these gifts

Five Benefits of Cotton You May Not Know

“All natural,” “organic,” and “chemical-free” are terms we’ve all become very familiar with. As we learn more about what goes into the food we eat and products we use, we’re much more likely to associate ourselves with anything described this way. Cotton is making a comeback—although it’s really always been there, waiting for some appreciation.

Essential Life Hacks For a Better Night’s Sleep

For many of us, grogginess or lulls in energy throughout the day is commonplace. More often than not, these low-energy days are a result of restless nights without a quality snooze and general sleep-deprivation. Sleep is important—it not only contributes to a myriad of health benefits but also it sets the pace for your day.

How Do You Know When It Is Time for a New Mattress?

If you’ve ever invested in more than a futon, chances are you realize that buying a mattress is an important decision.  Choosing the right mattress can make the difference between being energized, confident and aware, or being exhausted, cranky and absent-minded.  But no one wants to buy a new mattress before they really need to.

Will a mattress improve your child’s performance in school?

Earlier this month, the New York Times published a blog post titled, We tell kids to ‘go to sleep!’ We need to teach them why, that offered valuable insight on the correlation between a child’s sleep habits and how it affects their ability to learn and process information. The blog highlights results from several sleep

Staying Fit More Difficult for Night Owls

I’m a night owl, and if I wake up before 10 a.m. on a Saturday I’m thrilled. Morning people are the same as us night owls, just one step ahead. They’re in front of us in line at Starbucks, snagging the last scone. A post-workout treat for them is a would-be yummy breakfast for us.