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When choosing the right bed, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer free sleep consultations to get to know your personal history and sleeping habits. Then, we use our in-depth mattress fitting appointment to determine your individual needs and match you with your best sleep system. We can even custom-make a bed to meet your exact specifications.

Yes. We recommend different types of mattresses for your preferred sleeping position.

Yes! Our mission is to provide you and your family the comfort of a good night’s sleep. Your current mattress may no longer fit your lifestyle due to many factors. For example, experiencing an injury, getting married, or increasing or decreasing your activity level can signal a time for a mattress update. We are here to assist you in finding your best sleep solution.

We have many options for couples with different levels of comfort, and we can even customize a mattress with a firm side and a soft side!

With a double-sided mattress, you can flip it over and experience a “like new” surface that doesn’t have any body impressions. In addition, flipping the mattress allows the materials on the first side to settle evenly, extending your mattress’s longevity.

When selecting a mattress, you should consider several factors before purchasing your perfect sleep system. Consider overall dimensions, sleeping positions, comfort levels, and materials.

We are passionate about creating excellent mattresses because we want you to get a better quality of sleep—night after night, year after year. 

Yes. Latex is the best cushioning material to regulate body temperature because of its excellent breathability while providing pressure relief. We have mattresses that come standard with natural latex. You can also upgrade any mattress to add natural latex.

A traditional box spring is a box constructed with coils built into it. These are hard to find in today’s industry, as most companies elect to cut costs by skipping this step. But at Custom Comfort Mattress, we use traditional craftsmanship to make mattresses that stand the test of time. Our true box springs absorb some of the wear and tear of your mattress, which helps it to last longer. The box spring also allows your mattress to better conform to your body for additional support and comfort. That’s why we’re committed to making mattresses the traditional way while incorporating modern innovation to build on our proven craftsmanship.

Yes, you can buy the mattress only. However, purchasing a traditionally-built “box spring” for your Custom Comfort Mattress adds to your support and comfort levels. The box spring helps your mattress contour to your unique curves.

Almost all mattress manufacturers used to offer box springs as an industry standard. Now, about 95% of all beds are NOT sold with a box spring but instead with a “foundation.” These foundations offer very little give or flexibility under the mattress. The support of a foundation is comparable to what you find in a slatted support system, commonly used in platform beds or Murphy beds.

Yes, foundation, boxes, and frames can be purchased separately.

Yes, we have a variety of removable pillow tops that we can replace with a new topper when worn out or when your comfort preference changes.

Just as important as purchasing a mattress, buying a bed frame is also key for having a good night’s sleep. From differing dimensions to types of materials, there are a variety of choices that we offer. When you visit our showroom, our sleep experts can help you select the best one for your needs.

Yes. We can custom-make spring mattresses to work on an adjustable bed. However, if possible, it’s a good idea to buy your mattress and an adjustable base simultaneously so we can design a sleep system tailored to your specialized needs.


How low can we go? You tell us the height you want, and we’ll build it—that’s why “Custom” is our first name! All our box springs have low-profile options, and we’re happy to work with you to get the box spring you need.

Yes, we do. We can custom-make beds of various shapes and sizes, all by hand in our local factory.

The coil count varies depending on the size and model. Coil count is a factor in overall coil strength, but it’s not the only variable. The number of turns of the coils plus their wire gauge are equal contributors to coil strength.

To determine a mattress’s quality, look at the materials above the coils. Most beds today have coils that will last, but the stacks of foam padding on top will not hold up. At Custom Comfort Mattress, we use layers of natural cotton that will last as long as the steel coils. We also build double-sided beds for even wear and greater longevity.

Yes, to both! We use the natural comfort of cotton, latex, and wool in most of our mattresses. Plus, we offer certified organic materials as well.

Yes, we make custom-size mattresses. Custom is our first name! We build customized sizes and shapes, whether that’s to fit an RV, boat, or pet bed. Of course, we also make oversized beds to fit your family’s needs. Want a 10’x10′ mattress? You got it! If it fits in your room, we will build it!

Yes, we offer an organic upgrade to most of our superior sleep products to let you rest even easier and sleep cleaner at night.

Yes, we use many hypoallergenic materials in many of our mattresses. We also make natural rubber latex mattresses that are perfect for allergy sufferers. Additionally, we have a great selection of hypoallergenic protectors you can add to any bed.

We have a variety of adjustable beds available with different features and benefits. In addition, our adjustable bed bases have health benefits that can improve your quality of life. Visit your neighborhood Custom Comfort Mattress showroom to test and determine which best suits your needs.

Yes, we offer a variety of comfortable, supportive pillows. The right pillow for your sleep style and comfort preference is vital to a better night’s sleep.

A mattress topper is a cushioned layer that rests on top of your mattress to increase comfort and support. It can be added, flipped, rotated, or removed to customize your sleeping experience further.

A high-quality mattress protector will prolong the life of your new mattress by keeping the surface completely clean. In addition to keeping your bed free of stains and preventing the fabric from pilling or fraying, a protector prevents dust mites from penetrating the materials.


As a family-owned and operated company for over three decades, we are committed to the quality of your sleep. And when we say we use the finest natural materials and a superior construction method, we mean it. We are 100% transparent about our products, services, and Comfort Guarantee. But don’t just take our word for it—read our happy customer reviews here.

You can find the mattress warranty on the backside of your receipt, on our website, or by contacting one of our showrooms. The warranty code is on the law label of your mattress.

Absolutely! Our factory is open to the public. We are happy to welcome individuals, scout groups, school classes, etc., to see our handcrafted process. Call 866.519.6499 to schedule a tour.

We offer a no-credit-check financing option through Progressive Finance, and we can also provide a layaway option. The Progressive Finance approval allows for immediate bed delivery, and the layaway option requires the balance to be paid before delivery.

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also offer to finance with payment options that will work within your budget.

Like a toothbrush, a mattress is a personal-use product and cannot be returned. But we do offer a 365-night Comfort Guarantee to ensure you are satisfied. If you prefer to adjust your mattress after sleeping on your bed for up to 365 nights, we’ll pick it up and make any necessary changes. In addition, we can make some comfort adjustments on the same day, so you’re never without your bed.

We offer a 365-night Comfort Guarantee, superior to any other assurance in the mattress industry. This includes an in-depth sleep consultation and an allowance to sleep on your mattress for an entire year to ensure you are delighted. If within that time, you’d like your bed to be a little firmer or a little softer, we will happily provide post-sales adjustments. We’ll even have your mattress back to you the following day.

Yes—and not only out of state, but worldwide! We often ship our beds out of the state and the country for customers who cannot find our quality or comfort level in their area.

Yes, we can embroider just about anything. Please ask your sales consultant for your personalization options.

We encourage you to stop by one of our showroom locations before selecting a sleep system. During your visit, a sleep specialist will assess your needs and consult you on the right fit. Once you’re confident in your selection, you can always order and pay by phone using a credit card or discuss the many mattress financing options available. We also accept cash or check payments on delivery.

We schedule our deliveries, so they are convenient for you. We offer a one-hour delivery window for local deliveries and a two-hour window for distance deliveries. Our deliveries include an on-time, full-service experience. We’ll dispose of your old mattress set or move it for you to another room, and we’ll help you with the bed skirt, connect your headboards and footboards, and even vacuum or sweep the floor. Please allow 1-5 days for delivery outside the local Southern California area.

Yes! We will take care of hauling and disposing of your old mattress set, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Our convenient, white-glove delivery service aims to exceed your expectations.

Absolutely! Customization makes Custom Comfort Mattress different from the rest in the industry—we genuinely care about the quality of your sleep. Therefore, any of our handcrafted beds can be enhanced or upgraded to meet your individualized requirements.

For more than 30 years, we have provided our customers with quality products and outstanding customer service. And our commitment to these principles is evident in our returning customers and the reviews we receive. Check them out here!


Storing your bed flat is best. If a mattress is stored upright, the materials may shift or separate. 

The best way to keep a mattress clean is by using a mattress protector. But, if you need to have your bed cleaned, a local carpet and upholstery cleaning company can help you.

It may simply be time to flip your mattress. A mattress is an upholstered product, meaning it is reasonable to show ½” to 1″ of settling on the quilted surface. We offer double-sided construction to add longevity and durability to your mattress. A double-sided mattress can be rotated or flipped (recommended monthly the first year) to help to minimize the visible “dipping” of the bed surface. Don’t hesitate to contact your closest Custom Comfort Mattress showroom for personal assistance regarding any comfort issues. We sleep well when you sleep well.

A mattress that no longer provides you with the best comfort and support should be replaced, especially if you wake up stiff, achy, or sore. Likewise, purchasing a new sleep system is a good idea if your mattress shows visible signs of use or you still feel tired after a full night’s sleep. However, with Custom Comfort Mattresses, you can expect 10-12 years of comfort and durability.

There are several ways you can protect your mattress. Using the proper bed frame for your mattress, rotating it 4 or 5 times per year, allowing it to air out every once in a while, and using a mattress protector are some ways to safeguard it for years to come.

Just like protecting your mattress, there are certain things you can do to increase its longevity as well. By purchasing the correct frame and foundation for your mattress, regularly cleaning your bedding, and rotating your bed, you can enjoy it night after night for years to come.

Bend at the knees, lift the edge of the mattress, and place it in an upright position. Push the mattress over, and it will lie on the side you want to face on the bed. Check all edges to confirm that the mattress is aligned with the bed. 


We use the highest quality 100% Natural Latex available to give you supportive sleep—toxin-free, non-allergenic, long-lasting, and body-contouring comfort.

100% Natural Latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree. This plant-based material is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant. In addition, latex offers a healthier sleep compared to most synthetic foams used today, which can break down quickly, crumble and emit fumes.

Natural latex is supportive and curve-conforming, providing excellent pressure-point relief with cradling comfort.

We have a wide selection of mattresses made with or without polyurethane foam. Some of our beds are all-natural, made with cotton batting, wool, and natural 100% Natural Latex. Some of our mattresses will have minimal amounts of polyurethane foam for plush comfort.

Our 100% natural, chemical-free wool has unique physical properties that give it superior performance and make it ideal for use in bed materials. It is hypoallergenic, fire resistant, and long-lasting. This fabric regulates your temperature and resists mildew and stains. Additionally, wool processing requires minimal environmental impact and is environmentally sustainable.

No! We pride ourselves on not using chemically-based fire barriers. One of our fire barrier options is a fiber-based material made of rayon and polyester. When exposed to flame, the fiber hardens, creating a fire barrier, and preventing the flames from spreading into the mattress. The other fire barrier we use is chemical-free wool, which naturally repels fire and offers the bonus of regulating body temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep.

All of our products are handcrafted, manufactured, and packaged right here in the United States. In addition, most of our materials are also sourced in and originate from the United States.

We build all our beds in Southern California using traditionally handcrafted techniques, modern innovations, and high-quality, natural materials. These high standards help us produce luxury mattresses for healthy, rejuvenating sleep—night after night.


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