Healthy Sleep Habits: Upgrade Your Sleep for a Wellness Renewal

Upgrade Your Sleep for a Wellness Renewal

Simple Sleep Upgrades You Can Do Tonight

Ahhhh, the feeling of waking up from a great night of sleep. Well-rested, refreshed, and ready to take on your day! 

Sadly, you know how drained and exhausted you can feel after tossing and turning all night too. Sleepy poorly not only affects how you feel in the morning but has a significant impact on the rest of your day. And even more importantly, on your overall health, mood, and performance.

Sleep is the time when your body resets, and your brain goes through vital processes important for memory strength and clarity. Without healthy sleep, you can put your body at risk for heart issues, immune system problems, diabetes, and stroke. 

Looking for better sleep and better health? Here are a few health sleep habits to try:


Stick to a sleep scheduleStick to a Schedule

Create a reminder, schedule it in your calendar, set a “bedtime alarm.” Whatever you need to remind yourself to wind down, unplug, and get ready for bed. Going to sleep at a consistent time each night — even on the weekends — helps you enjoy quality, consistent sleep.



Eat well for good sleep


Watch Your Diet

Eating heaving meals too close to bedtime can wreak havoc on your digestion and quality of sleep. So if you want to nibble on a pre-bed snack, make it light and healthy. And limit caffeine – coffee, tea, chocolate – to pre-afternoon hours, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep patterns. 


Skip the afternoon nap

Skip the Nap

As enticing as it may be, that afternoon nap may be doing more harm than good. If your nap session is too late in the day, it can push your bedtime and interfere with your nighttime snooze. If a nap is a must, try keeping it to 30 minutes or less and avoid napping too close to bedtime.




Move your body for good sleep

Move Your Body

A consistent exercise routine can help improve the quality of your sleep. For example, try a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the fresh air and increase healthy blood circulation. And, if you’re doing an intensive workout, make sure to wrap it up by the early evening to give your body a chance to wind down.



Invest in a supportive mattress

Invest in Your Mattress

Incorporating the best sleep tips into your wellness routine sets you up for a night of sleep success. But, if you aren’t comfortable and your body isn’t supported throughout the night, even the best sleep habit won’t help.

Choosing the best-fit mattress for your body, sleep position, and comfort preference is vital to great sleep and long-term health. That’s where Custom Comfort Mattress can help. Our no-pressure sleep experts will help you discover the best sleep solution for you. For night-after-night restful, renewing sleep.


Getting enough sleep can be tricky, and getting great sleep can be even harder! 

Since rejuvenating sleep is integral for heart health, brain function, mood, and physical health, getting quality sleep is a self-care priority. Incorporating the above tips for restful sleep can help you on your journey towards better health.

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