Spring Clean Your Mattress

My sister and I shared a room until we were 18, and you could say we had different interpretations of “cleaning.”  She loved it, while I had other interests, like … oh, I don’t know, literally anything else. We had to clean our room on Fridays before we could go out with friends. My sister

How To Get The Worst Night’s Sleep

Move your spin class to 7 p.m. or later. If you can get the class to be held IN your bedroom, that’s even better. You want to be sure to hit the sheets with your heart rate nice and elevated.   But before that, go ahead and hit a couple of Red Bull vodkas.  

Dogs Sleeping in Our Beds

When I brought my puppy, Soleil, home, I put her crate next to my bed for her to sleep in, all decked out with cozy blankets and a snuggly toy. I was so naive. Soleil didn’t sleep a single night in it, and now, three years later, I’m pretty sure her crate is somewhere in

Is Your Bed Making You Sick?

If you go to bed and soon notice your eyes are beginning to itch, your nose is getting stuffy or you become congested, your bed might be making you sick. With beds chock-full of tiny allergens, it’s no wonder we wake up with allergies raging. Like it or not, there are tons of allergens / irritants in

5 Foods for Better Sleep

We know that stimulants like coffee and tea before bed are not conducive to a great night’s sleep, but are some foods better than others? Dr. Oz’s website suggests five foods that are great for people who want to kick the sleeping pill habit or who would rather opt for a more natural remedy to

Sleeping In Makeup Causes Breakouts, Aging

It happens to the best of us.  You get home late after a night out, ditch the heels somewhere between the front door and the kitchen, and curse the nagging reminder to wash your face before falling into bed.  On the way to the bathroom, you notice your bed looks ridiculously  comfortable tonight.  You gaze

How Sleep Cleans the Brain

We’ve all heard that the occasional juice cleanse can do wonders for the digestive system, but what about a cleanse for the brain?  Just like the rest of our organs, our brain needs to flush out toxins to be healthy. We’ve known all along that humans need sleep to recharge our mind and body, and

How to Make Your Bedroom Darker for a Better Night’s Sleep

In the theme of keeping your room cavernous (dark, quiet and cool), you want to get it as dark as possible. And I mean dark. If you can’t sleep, resist the urge to play Words With Friends until you get sleepy. Not only does the light from your device disrupt your body clock, your mind should be

What is the Best Room Temperature for Great Sleeping?

Who wins the thermostat war in your bedroom?  She thinks it’s too cold, he thinks it’s too hot and the bachelor thinks its ideal. But who is “right”?  What is the best bedroom temperature for getting a great night’s sleep?  You might be surprised to learn that getting a better night’s sleep is not entirely