Early Days

The Trudell brothers originally founded Custom Comfort Mattress because they didn’t feel right about how mattress companies had begun the move towards cheaper synthetic materials and stripped-down construction. Seeing an opportunity to deliver standout quality, they started building double-sided mattresses made with natural materials and traditional craftsmanship one-by-one right out of their garage.

Survival and Expansion

For decades, the Custom Comfort team was often told they could not complete with the billion-dollar budget mattress companies but they persisted. By selling direct to consumers and focusing on building exceptional products and delivering high customer satisfaction, this mom and pops type shop was able to compete with much larger competitors, just as it does now. Additional stores were opened in Orange County and production capacity was increased. Perennial underdogs, iconic ad campaigns showcased a long-shot position in the industry including: “It’s David versus Goliath” and “Custom Comfort won’t back down!”

Embracing the Luxury Market

In 2009, Custom Comfort Mattress opened a new store on Beverly in West Hollywood in an effort to reach higher-end customers in Los Angeles. In under a decade, this designer-focused showroom has emerged as the Company’s fastest growth location, reflecting a growing appreciation for the luxurious sleep provided by all-natural beds.