Freedom to customize your comfort.

Matching your ideal mattress with a state-of-the-art adjustable bed can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. From Zero-Gravity and Quiet Sleep positions to Circulating Massages and Bluetooth Connectivity, our adjustable beds are designed to transform the way you experience comfort and support.

Free Adjustable Bed upgrade (up to $500 Value) with the purchase of a Queen Natural or above bed set.

Head Up
or Down

Feet Up
or Down


Zero Gravity



Experience a new level of well-being.

Our Adjustable Beds are designed to quietly and smoothly ease your body into the perfect position for ultimate comfort. Reduce snoring, back pain and other discomforts keeping you up at night.

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“I could feel the relief.”

– Willy, Custom Comfort Mattress customer


Localized Pain

Acid Reflux

Snoring and


Elevate your Sleep


Celebrate our Independence this July with a Free Adjustable Bed upgrade*

*With purchase of Queen Natural and above bed set.

Our Natural Collection Crafted in California.
Made in USA 

Our Natural Collection Crafted in California.
Made in USA 

Natural Collection is encased in attractive cream-colored unbleached 100% organic cotton.

Internally tufted, 100% natural cotton batting for long wear and cool comfort.

100% natural latex in our mattresses, pillows and toppers.

Receive a Free Adjustable Base (up to $500 value) with the purchase of any Queen Natural or above bed set through July 2021

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For thirty years, Custom Comfort Mattress has helped customers uncover the nature of great sleep by handcrafting superior quality and double-sided mattresses in Southern California using natural materials. Our mission is to provide extraordinary value to our customers by educating about the art & science of great sleep and fitting them to their ideal sleep solution.