Custom – It’s In Our Name.

Individual Comfort & Style for your best sleep solution.

No request is too big (or small)

We are experts at providing “out-of-the-box” solutions for your mattress and bedding needs. Whether for a family bed, special pet bed, or extra length to fit your height — we can make it for you.

Even a non-traditional shape from narrow, round, short, or heat-shaped is not ouf of the question. We can tailor-make mattresses to work with your specific space and interior design needs.

She wants soft, he wants firm

Don’t worry, we’ve got you (each) covered.

Our sleep experts use in-depth insight and analysis into your individual needs to match you with the best sleep system for you. Side sleepers need different support than stomach sleepers. Bodybuilders and larger-framed people need different support than someone with a petite build. We can adjust each side with specific materials and support structures to work well for both of you.

Take your comfort on the road or sea

We believe that anywhere you sleep, you should be fully supported and totally comfortable. That’s why we craft mattress solutions for your RV or boat. The comfort and quality of sleeping on your home mattress can be enjoyed while on-the-go!

Unusual shapes and depths are no problem for our designers and craftsmen. We can help with measurements and consult with you to ensure a perfect fit (leaving a bit of extra room so you can tuck in the sheets).

Enjoy restful, quality sleep no matter what size mattress

We are the factory

We can bring you this customization service since we are the manufacturer. Our local team of mattress experts knows our products inside and out. We will consult with you down to the last detail to accommodate your needs and preferences.
We know the right questions to ask to ensure the perfect mattress and bedding solution for you.
With a custom-size mattress, comes ideal-sized linens, pillows, comforter, or duvet to top off your bed. We’ll happily guide you in choosing linens and the right foundation to support your custom size.

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