Oversized Comfort

UltraKing by Custom Comfort Mattress. We offer the world’s largest luxury mattress.

Going beyond the standard

Found in the finest homes and elegant hotels — as well as luxury yachts and private jets — with with our UltraKing™ mattresses, we craft the ultimate custom-designed sleep solutions in unique sizes that fit any lifestyle and interior design. And we make them in the comfort level and support that are ideal for you.

Since we are the designer and manufacturer, we listen to your needs and bring you the sizes and details that make your sleep experience all that it should be.

It’s nice to have choices

Why oversize?

Do you have a growing family that embraces co-sleeping? Are you taller than average and would enjoy more legroom? Do you like to spread out while sleeping? Or looking to make a design statement in your luxury bedroom? The reason are as varied as the mattress sizes available—we can work with you to provide the best solution for your needs.

With our UltraKing™ mattresses, there are six sizes from big to bigger that define what luxury is all about. Starting at 6×7, and going all the way up to 12×10 in our Extreme King™, we bring you a variety of choices for plush, premium sleeping solutions.

Select your size & your comfort level

Size matters…

…but so does support and comfort. We’ll always show you what we’re made of. From 100% natural cotton to plant-based latex rubber and natural moisture-wicking wool, we use only the world’s finest materials to provide you the cool, comfortable, and cozy sleep you deserve.

Our hand-tufted cotton is from sustainable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly sources. The toxic-free latex rubber we use is tapped directly from the rubber tree and is naturally hypoallergenic. Our chemical-free, Joma-technique New Zealand wool stays cool, soft, and bouncy year-after-year. And our reinforced coils made from American-mined minerals are designed to adjust ergonomically to your body’s unique curves.

We also offer certified organic materials upon request and can customize the outside embroidery with names, wedding and anniversary dates, and business logos on our mattresses.

No detail is overlooked

The finishing touches to a larger-than-standard mattress include custom-size bedding. Our luxurious sheeting and duvet covers are manufactured to the highest standards and made in the USA of imported fabrics. They are crafted specifically for your bed to ensure the perfect fit and years of comfort.

Let us help you in selecting the right styles and colors to create a look that complements your decor and lifestyle.

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