Is Your Mattress Making You Hot?

is your mattress making you hot?

The warm, moist air clings to your body as you lay in bed. Too hot for covers, you sprawl out over the sheets, doing anything you can to stay cool. You even tried putting your sheets in the freezer for goodness sakes—but nothing seems to do the trick. Your ears buzzing with heat, you stare at the ceiling, dreading the moment your alarm clock cruelly confirms you’ve endured yet another night without the sleep your body so desperately craves.

Ironically, the biggest factor in your inability to sleep might just be the very thing you thought would solve your sleep problems in the first place—your memory foam mattress. While it’s true that memory foam provides you with cushiony comfort by contouring to the shape of your body, that contouring can be a double-edged sword. Memory foam reacts to heat, so when you or your room is hot—you sink lower into it’s dense material, which creates less and less airflow and keeps you hot and sweaty all night long.


Luckily, there are mattresses on the market that can give you the comfort you crave with the breathability you need to stay cool. The key is finding one that is made of mostly natural materials, not synthetic ones. Materials like all-natural cotton, 100% Natural Latex and chemical-free wool provide you with excellent heat and moisture regulation, better air circulation, and slower heat absorption when faced with changes in ambient temperature.


All-natural cotton provides you with optimum air circulation when compared to synthetic fibers and foams common in most mattresses. Just like pajamas and bed linens, sleeping on a mattress made with lightweight and breathable cotton is going to help you get your coolest sleep, especially when you pair it with other natural materials like chemical-free wool and 100% Natural Latex. (Learn more about the benefits of cotton HERE.)


“Wool?” you say. “Doesn’t wool make you hotter?” Surprisingly, no. Wool provides a high level of thermal comfort because it is an effective insulator; its natural crimp creates a microclimate that assists in regulating the temperature and humidity of the air around your body, providing you over six times the insulation of any textile fiber (source). On top of temperature regulation, wool is a natural fire repellant—making toxic and harmful chemical fire retardants completely unnecessary.

100% Natural Latex

While most would believe that latex is a synthetic material, 100% Natural Latex is predominantly made from the sap of a rubber tree. Due to its natural components, it captures less ambient hot or cool air than synthetic materials like memory or polyurethane foam, providing you a restful night’s sleep regardless of your room’s temperature. Plus, all-natural latex is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant!


Stay cool with a breathable alternative to a hot foam mattress, with a bed from our Inspire Collection. This collection includes three, double-sided, coil-free mattresses with a 6″ medium-firm 100% Natural Latex rubber core, offering you three levels of cushioning support for the highest quality sleep you deserve.

Visit your nearest Southern California showroom to take it for a “test sleep” or browse our natural mattress collections online at: and start sleeping cooler, tonight.

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