Should you make the switch to an all-natural or organic mattress?

Should you make the switch to an all-natural or organic mattress?

Sleeping on the right mattress can be like crawling into heaven each night. Its cloud-like soft and fluffy outer layers contour to your body with pressure-free support for a relaxing and restful sleep. But, did you know that the very materials that give your bed that amazing feel, could be harmful to your or your family’s long-term health?

According to, “A big percentage of mattresses in American households today is made up of a combination of petroleum-based nylon, polyester, press board, polyurethane foam and vinyl, and are treated with flame retardants of chemical origin like, phosphates, silicon, and boric acid. They are also sometimes wrapped in flame-resistant fibers like, polyvinylidene chloride and melamine.”


While these materials meet environment, health and safety standards, they have been proven to emit gasses that are anything but healthy and safe. For example, a study in 2005 discovered that “an average memory-foam mattress emits 61 unnatural chemicals, including carcinogens benzene and naphthalene.”

Off-gassing chemicals can irritate your eyes, throat, nose, and lungs, and have been linked to allergies, organ toxicity, and in some cases, cancer. Plus, these unnatural materials can be breading grounds for mold, mildew, and our friends—the bed bug and dust mite—that cause their own set of health problems in and of themselves.

Besides being unhealthy for you or your family, synthetic materials are not biodegradable which means the 50,000 mattresses that end up in our U.S. landfills each day will still be around long after their disposal.


Just like food and skincare products, an environmentally conscious mattress made of all-natural and organic materials is your best bet. While it is extremely rare that you’ll be able to find a truly 100% organic mattress*, you can find a mattress that is made of mostly organic materials, which will offer you the highest level of sustainable luxury.

If an organic mattress isn’t within your budget, beds made with button-tufted, breathable all-natural cotton, naturally fire-resistant, chemical-free wool, and natural latex made from the sap of a rubber tree, can provide you with the comfort and support you need and almost no chemical off-gassing—without the higher price tag.


In addition to the health benefits of a green mattress, a bed made of natural materials offers you more durability and resiliency than its synthetic counterpart, which means you’re less likely to “replace in 8” as is often recommended. Pair the finest non-toxic materials with double-sided construction and you’ve essentially just doubled the life and the comfort of your already longer-lasting mattress, keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket and your eco-friendly mattress out of our country’s landfills.**

As if that weren’t enough, natural materials provide excellent heat and moisture regulation and better air circulation. Plus, natural materials like 100% Natural Latex are naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant!


While there are mattresses on the market today that appear to be completely organic or eco-friendly, be sure to read the fine print—you may be paying for more “organic” than you’re actually getting. Or better yet, speak with a mattress expert first, to get the inside scoop on standard practices and terminology before you start your non-toxic mattress search. They’ll teach you what to look for and what to avoid, so you’re confident that the mattress you’ve selected is truly all natural and toxin-free, and will withstand the test of time.


At Custom Comfort Mattress, being “green” is not a gimmick or fad—it’s a way of life. Your and your family’s comfort and health have been our highest priority for more than thirty years—well before buying organic was considered the thing to do. That’s why many of our double-sided mattresses have been handcrafted using locally sourced, all-natural or organic materials. And because we build our high-quality mattresses ourselves, we offer you the ability to transform any of our luxury mattress models into an organic or all-natural bed by replacing their standard materials with organic or all-natural alternatives.

Sleep healthier and happier and reduce your carbon footprint: Visit one of our Southern California showrooms to find the mattress that’s right for you, or explore some of our all-natural and organic mattress options by clicking the links below.



Custom Comfort Mattress features natural materials in almost all of their mattress models. Click the link above to explore the variety of high-value mattresses that will provide you with a healthier sleep at every price point. Meet the Mattresses



LEGACY: Meet Legacy, our firmest luxury mattress. Using only premium natural materials, your Legacy mattress ensures longer lasting support and a healthier quality of sleep than mattresses that use synthetic materials. More Details

LEGACY WITH LEGACY 1.0 TOPPER: Crafted from natural latex and 100% natural and chemical free wool, the Legacy 1.0 Topper is a removable 3” topper that provides additional surface softness. The double-sided topper is made with a durable natural 100% Natural Latex core, which means you’ll get a better night’s sleep for years to come. More Details

LEGACY WITH LEGACY 2.0 TOPPER: The Legacy 2.0 Topper is a 5” removable topper crafted of natural latex and 100% natural and chemical free wool. Completely natural for a healthier quality of sleep, the Legacy 2.0 Topper provides an added layer of comfort and softness to our Legacy mattress. More Details

FRESH: Constructed using the highest quality natural materials for longevity and health benefits, Fresh 1.0 is a medium-firm mattress with individually wrapped coils. More Details

FRESH 2.0: Fresh 2.0 is a medium-firm mattress with individually wrapped coils that is made from superior natural materials, ensuring you a longer lasting, healthier quality of sleep night after night. More Details

BLISS 1.0: Bliss 1.0 is a medium-firm mattress constructed of natural 100% Natural Latex rubber,100% natural and chemical free wool, and the finest natural materials. This luxury mattress promotes a healthier quality of sleep thanks to our natural approach, in addition to lasting longer than mattresses made of synthetic materials. More Details

BLISS 2.0: Made by hand from natural 100% Natural Latex rubber and 100% natural and chemical free wool, Bliss 2.0 is a plush luxury mattress that uses premium natural materials for added durability and health benefits. More Details



LUSH: Lush is our most luxurious mattress, which uses only the finest natural materials for longer lasting support and a healthier quality of sleep. More Details

LUSH 1.0: Building on the luxury of our Lush mattress, Lush 1.0 features a 3” pillow top of 100% natural latex for extra cushion and comfort. More Details

LUSH WITH LUSH 2.0 TOPPER: The Lush 2.0 Topper is constructed of natural latex and organic wool, which provides a healthier quality of sleep than synthetic toppers. This 7” removable topper adds elevated comfort and support to our Lush mattress to give you the sleep you deserve. More Details


*If you’d like to learn more about the mattress industry’s definition of organic and why it matters to you, call any of our local showrooms to speak an informative mattress specialist, on-staff and at your service seven days a week.

**Results may vary. Please speak to a sales representative for your warranty’s specific details.

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