What are the benefits of using natural materials in mattresses?

what are the benefits of using natural materials in mattresses?

While inexpensive synthetic mattresses increasingly dominate the mass market, traditional mattress-makers like us continue to build long-lasting natural beds. This means we still make mattresses one-by-one that are double-sided and composed of natural materials such as cotton, latex, wool and horse hair. Luckily, discerning buyers continue to invest in the comfort, durability and health benefits offered by time-honored methods. 

Our Lush Collection features horsehair, organic wool, natural rubber later and cotton for the ultimate sleep experience.

The Benefits of Superior Natural Materials

Growing Concerns about Chemicals

After decades of dominance, consumer advocates and the medical community began to raise alarm about synthetic materials in the home. Everyday goods – from household cleaners, to personal care products, to cookware, furniture, and beyond were suddenly in question.

Evidence now tells us that  ingesting toxic airborne pollutants that can lead to a multitude of health issues including respiratory tract irritation, a weakened immune system, reproductive problems such as hormone disruptions, infertility, miscarriage, and birth defects, neurodevelopmental disorders, and even cancer. The term “off-gassing” emerged to described airborne chemicals emitted by household goods; in recent years, off-gassing has increasingly associated with toxic emissions from petrochemical-based mattresses.

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